Jumpring - Gold - 4mm Soldered - 20ga.jpg

Jumprings, Gold-Plated Brass, 4mm Soldered Round. Sold per pack of 100.


Jumprings are an essential part of any costume jewellery construction. I suggest keeping a rolling stock of at least 50 jumprings in each size for designing and sampling.

Note that wire is measured in gauges. The higher the gauge number, the thinner the wire. These jumprings are 20 gauge.

You will need 1 pack to complete the Necklace project in Week 2.

Note that these are soldered closed, which make them ideal for use in this particular project, where we are using them to connect 2 other jumprings together. For most other purposes, you will want to source these as open jumprings.

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Jumpring - Gold - 4mm Soldered - 20ga.jpg